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Inpatient Rehabilitation

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Restoring Strength, Regaining Independence, and Returning Home.

Call 931-967-8306

The Environment

The unit offers spacious and comfortable rooms that have been designed to maximize each patient's rehabilitation potential. Therapy in these areas are conveniently located near the main unit. We encourage each patient to push themselves and to improve on a daily basis. 


Our goal is to help patients get back to life, family, and friends as quickly as possible. Working with each patient and their family, our care team designs a highly individualized treatment plan focused on potential, not on limitations. This progressive approach strives to meet the needs of everyone involved in the rehabilitation process patients and family members. 

We Serve

Rehabilitation greatly benefits patients who experience difficulties in the following areas:

  • Limitations in self-care
  • Impaired mobility, balance, and coordination
  • Changes in memory, thought, or reasoning and rational thinking
  • Speech and communication problems
  • Swallowing disorders

These functional difficulties may be the result of a stroke, orthopedic conditions, neurological disorders, or major trauma resulting from an accident. 


Referrals can be initiated by physicians, patients, and their families; discharge planners; and allied health professionals. We invite you to contact the Program Director at our Acute Patient Rehabilitation Unit to discuss our services, code of ethics, mission, and philosophy as well as to arrange a tour of the unit. If you believe a patient may benefit from our services, please phone us. A member of our staff will perform a screening at no charge. If it is determined that the patient is not a candidate for inpatient rehabilitation, alternative resources will be discussed. 

Method of Payment

Your stay at the Rehabilitation Unit may be covered completely or in part. Standard federal rules relating to your individual available hospital days will apply. Our Program Director will be able to explain your coverage and tell you what your benefit will be. 

Insurance and managed care payments are based on contractual agreements between the hospital and each provider. Our Program Director will advise you of your payment options and work with your insurance provider to help you understand coverage and limitations set forth by your provider. 

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